Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Lakbay Aral"

                   I have been with another blogger, Kathleen Ku from the blog... KATHLEEN KU:), to review a club. The club is "Lakbay Aral". In English, this means "Travel Learning"(?). I actually wanted to be in this club, but sadly, my parents didn't allow me to join. To give you guys a better view of Lakbay Aral, they plan their travels to places where they could learn new things. The moderator handling this club is Mr. Angelo Abunan, my Filipino teacher last year.
                    When me and my partner came in the room, we introduced ourselves and they gave us the best seat in the house, the front. They were about to start when we came in so I guess it wasn't really a bother to them for us to come in. They were planning  to go somewhere over the sem-break. Today, they were told to look for historical/educational, environmental, and recreational places they an go on break. They were supposed to look at the info of the place like the price of the ticket, the time it open/closes. Me and my partner tried to help some people in what they were doing and we ended up being a big help to them. We interviewed some members and they said that "It may be a bit boring but the good thing about this club is that we get to travel to places better than what the school organizes." I would actually agree with him. At some points, the club was a bit boring, but later, the teacher will start to make things more lively by giving them a good laugh.
                       All in all, I would suggest people, who loves to plan to travel or to travel, to join here. If I was a member, I would probably be excited 3 weeks before the trip.
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