Saturday, October 5, 2013

I laugh wrong...

              When I laugh in front of my friends or other people, I look like I'm a super Asian kill joy because I laugh like a bored old zombie. At home, I laugh like I'm this crazy person that broke out from the mental hospital that just suddenly appears to laugh at the computer screen.
              I'm really like that. There was this one time... well, maybe a lot of times, where my sister was studying and was scared when I started laughing. She wanted to video me just laughing at this video earlier, but I stopped when she was about to. If she did video it, I would show you guys. I couldn't avoid laughing like that. Admit it! You do it too! YOLO, am I right? YOLO! There are different types of laughs that are more hilarious than mine. Click here to see the video I saw:
This video was funny... One of my favorite videos... Laughter chains... :))
I know this post wasn't much, I just came home from a long travel...
That's it for today, this is M.I.G. signing off to another great day :)
Feel free to leave comments and suggestions of things you want me to talk about below...
Thank you 

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