Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Annoying Ads

           The reason why I don't post often, aside from my schedule, is the ads. There are like ads everywhere that I have to skip a day of writing in my blog.

            Those ads... WHERE DO THEY COME FROM??? I hate them as much as I hate my enemies (I don't have an enemy but who cares). They're more annoying than a buzzer in a basketball game!!! Because of them, I couldn't see what I'm writing and I couldn't post on my free time. Do you get what I mean? It's like someone just comes in your private property without permission and suddenly talks to you. It is that annoying.

             There are things that I can tolerate. This isn't one of them! If you have to advertise something, do it somewhere else! Don't trespass on somebody's property, that could get you sued.
So that's it for today, this is M.I.G. signing off to another great day :)
Feel free to leave comments and suggestions of things you want me to talk about below...
Thank you 

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