Tuesday, August 20, 2013


         It has been raining here in the Philippines for the past few days, and I heard a lot of places are flooded now. I just want to ask all readers to pray for the Philippines. Thank you :D

         Today, I did nothing important (Not literally but still... NOTHING). I didn't really feel like doing anything because....
               1. It was very cold.
               2. I did all my important stuff yesterday.
               3. I was a bit tired.
         I noticed that this was the same feeling I had a few years ago when the storm "Ondoy" came (to all Filipinos, you know this). I was elementary that time. Me and my classmates were so happy it was raining hard. The classes were suspended for more than a week. I was happy that I don't have assignments, no school work, I have more time to rest and more, but when I watched the news, I saw many people who were struggling because of the this. I was sad because what I did was wrong. And now, it is happening again. I just hope the "whole week suspension of classes" will not happen because it is not fun laying around doing nothing.

        Just earlier I read this tweet from this person saying something like, "YEAH!!! MORE FLOOD" or "I HATE THE PHILIPPINES! MAKE IT FLOOD MORE!" (I'm not gonna say names). I was furious at that person that I wanted to say violent things towards her (yes, that person is a girl). People in twitter say that she just wanted to be noticed by the public. It is actually working...

A message to the person I was talking about: Are you happy now? Are you satisfied you got most of the Filipinos' attention? I know you can't please anybody but this is too much (in most people's opinion).

So that's it for today, this is M.I.G. signing off to another great day :)
Feel free to leave comments and suggestions of things you want me to talk about below...
Thank you :D

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