Saturday, August 17, 2013

A long road trip...

        I was asleep when I heard a knock on my door. I got up, opened the door and my dad was there. He told me I was going to a church a bit far.

       I woke my sister up and looked at the time. It was 5:30 AM!!! I was wondering why it was still dark outside... I got dressed, brushed my teeth, packed up the stuff I needed, drank milk(I know I'm too old to drink milk) and went off. When my dad said "a bit far", he meant "really far". It was a 2-hour 30-minute travel to the place. I didn't like staying in cars for too long because I hate being in tight spaces but the fact that I was asleep for almost half the travel time, made me feel better. After we went to the church, we were going home. Suddenly, it rained hard, the fog started to thicken up that we couldn't see the road anymore. We drove slowly just to be extra careful which might affect the time of our arrival. Well, it did. In fact, it took more than 3 hours to get back home due to traffic, slow driving and bathroom breaks.

      I finally made it home! I turned on the wifi and started to use FB, Twitter and YouTube for updates and stuff. Nothing much happened... It was like nothing was new and nothing happened... But I didn't care after that.

So that's it for today, this is M.I.G. signing off to a great day :)
Feel free to leave comments and suggestions of things you want me to talk about below... Thank you :D

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