Friday, June 13, 2014

A reply to a blog post (just questioning and clearing things up)

                   This isn't my usual schedule to post a blog, but I am just frustrated and confused at the same time. There is this one blogger here on Blogger (hehehe) that clearly tries to give a bad impression on Filipinos, and teach people how to treat them... wait, let me rephrase... and teach people how to treat us like garbage. I know this is a site to write freely about what you feel, but that doesn't mean you have to teach people how to treat people badly. What did you even write that for? What made you write it? Did you have an encounter with a Filipino and he/she didn't treat you right? Are you trying to start a war between your country and the Philippines by starting with the internet? What do you have against us? I'm not stating names because I know its wrong, and I'm definitely not starting a fight.
                    First of all, what if I told people on this blog to treat the people of your country like what you said in your blog? You would be frustrated, too. Think of it this way, if we were to do those things you said to you, how would you feel? Would you be happy? Would you feel appreciated? No, right?
                    Second of all, I'm guessing you are a Christian because you mentioned something about praying in church and Noah's ark and stuff. Think of it... YOU'RE A BELIEVER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! As a believer, you're supposed to be an example to other believers. "Let's watch them(Pinoy) drown whilst eating popcorn on out HD TV s." Probably not the best example to show the kid Christians, right? You shouldn't be thinking like that because as a believer,too, I would be really disappointed in you. I know I am not supposed to include religions in this kind of situation, but you did mention it in the first place.
                     You might be mad at me right now, but I am just saying you're wrong. We are all people, humans, living beings! We are the rare species of the universe! We shouldn't be fighting or treating each other like that. We should be working together as one. We should treat each other equally, and show each other respect. How old are you? 28? 30 maybe? And no offence, but you're acting like a five year old who was lightly pushed accidentally and wanted to fight back. I'm a fifteen year old, and I know what and what not to write online. If you wanna be that way, don't bring others with you. Don't write it online, but instead, get a notebook and write it there where you could write anything! I appreciate you saying you wanted to do it in a 'peaceful' manner and just doing this to annoy us, but this may have gone too far to the point that people would take you seriously. I'm not being rude to you or anything, but I think I know better than you. People would tell me to ignore this because they call these people "attention addicts" (there is another term but I'm not using it). I would, but this crossed the line. I'm not trying to fight you, and definitely not giving a big ass lecture. I just hope you read and realize what you did. Thank you

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