Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stop mocking me!!

                     It's funny hearing that a 2 year old kid could bully a 14 year old. Has the world gone mad?!?!?
                     So that 14 year old was me and the 2 year old was a baby of a stranger. I was in the church and I saw the kid. The kid was a girl with very big eyes that are bigger than mine. She looked at me and I smiled back with my usual check-eyed smile. She smiled back at me with the same smile I gave her. Was she mocking me? She is mocking me, isn't she? After that, she just gave me the same look. If I try to ignore her, she would get my finger and start playing with it until I look at her again. Kids these generations... so insensitive.
                     In the end, I got mocked by a 2 year old and I wasn't happy about it.
That's it for today, this is M.I.G. signing off to another great day :)
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Thank you :D

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