Saturday, November 9, 2013

Her Visit :))

                    Finally, from hours of studying, I finally had time to blog.... So... How you guys doing?
                    So just a few days ago, a famous blogger visited our club and she gave us some tips about blogging... Do you know who she is??? She is THE Patty Laurel... If you don't know her... Here is her blog to give you a great picture of how she looks like...
                    She was great and I really enjoyed our time with her. She was fun and active... I have been checking her blog out lately. It's really nice (better than mine). She knew everything a blogger needs to know and told it to us, I now know how to make my blog better!... hopefully...
                     I had high expectations when I saw her, but when she started discussing, she went beyond what I expected. I really valued her visit. I will treasure it FOREVER! Most likely if I see her, I would go "crazy fan girl" on her. :P
I was supposed to post this last Tuesday but the computer wasn't working and my sister was doing her homework on the other computer... 

*Updates: I'm not yet done planning on my first vlog. I couldn't pick between "Q&A"s or "I dare MIG" or a music video kind most likely acapella or somethings I missed out last year. I would probably upload the video somewhere at December... maybe.
Oh yeah... Don't forget to pray for the Philippines because remember when I said there was a large earthquake that hit us, now it is flooded there... Filipinos... stay strong and face the flood with a smile :)
That's it for today, this is M.I.G. signing off to another great day :)
Feel free to leave comments and suggestions of things you want me to talk about below...
Thank you :D

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