Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I will not let a piece of paper ruin my future

              I have finally come to a time where I am finishing junior high school and going to senior high. Since I live in the Philippines, I am the first batch to go under tge K+12 program. What is the K+12 program? Well, it is the program where the government adds 2 more years to high school. Originally, we only have 4 years in high school. With the k+12 program, they would add 2 more years to high school. Back to the subject! The school held this survey for each student, and I specifically said that I wanted to be in STEM because I want to be a doctor. Just yesterday, I received a letter for the course I'm gonna take for the next 2 years in school. I was happy at first that they gave me STEM, but when I opened the letter completely, I got STEM ICT or the course for computer technology. If I remember correctly, ICT was a separate course from STEM. I tried looking for the reason why I wasn't accepted in the original STEM course, and it comes out to show that they would only accept 34 students with above 88 average of 2/3 science and 1/3 math, which is complete bullcrap if you ask me. You're not supposed to do that to students. Students want to learn. We want to have better futures, and enjoy our additional 2 year stay in school, but giving me this isn't gonna work out. I would have been fine with it at the end, but something else brought me to my nerves. At the start of the letter, it says that I got into my FIRST CHOICE. ICT? My first choice? Think they could just make me go into any course, and make some story up to show I really went there. I would rather be told that I didn't make it to the 34 student limit and being transferred to my next course rather than seeing that I signed up for the wrong course. I only asked for a good 2 years of learning, not bullcrap that would change my whole life. If you're reading this, please consider that this is the opinion of a student who had a dream but was slightly crushed by that letter. Do not take this personally because this is only one hate opinion out of who knows how many. But remember this, you will regret putting me in that course. I will be a doctor whether you like it or not. Your letter will not change that.
                  It took me a lot of guts to post this and finally get this out of my system. I couldn't study for my science periodical test from all the annoying nagging in my head. I want to have a good grade in science, so I made this post. Don't worry. I'll delete this when you want me to, whether you'll give me a violation report or not. Nobody reads my blogs anyway, only some people who happen to visit my blog. (I really appreciate that)

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  1. You and me both, bro. I wanted HUMMS, but nooooooo they took that out of the curriculum.

    So, yeah. Things happened. We're in this together (u_u)