Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What you think won't hurt might actually hurt.

*I'm not saying any names. I just realized that this was an issue I should've tackled a long time ago*

"Hey, have I told you how manly you are?" "You're basically a man inside a woman suit" "man woman" "you're as forgetful as a goldfish" "you're so hairy I could make a large sweater from those" "have I ever told you how fat and heavy you look" "I assume you're overweight. You are aren't you?" "You're good for nothing" *Hold up that smile, MIG. I know it's hard to take that all in, but after this, it's all gonna be over until the next time they come up with one. When they leave, relax your face muscles to prepare you for the next to come. You can cry about it later when your parents aren't there. Just 4 more hours in school and you're good to go.* That's how I feel when I'm made fun of. I plaster the best smile I could make to tell them I'm alright, so I won't turn this into a bigger problem than it already is. When they turn their backs and leave, I let my true feelings come out in the form of tears and words.
I believe 'Bullying' is the correct term for this. Im not referring to physical bullying, but bullying by words. You'd be telling me "you're not a good sport", "you're just being overly dramatic" or "it was just a joke. Don't take it too seriously". Shut up. SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LISTEN. Those jokes may be funny at first, but as it evolves, it doesn't become funny anymore. It lowers the self-esteem; not your self-esteem, but the person you're making fun of. Why are you doing this? It is not nice. Don't you have any consideration? It may seem like it's okay to him/her, but it's definitely not. It just looks like it's okay with them because they are used to putting up a smile on his/her face without showing any signs that they actually are hurt. I respect these people. They put up with your shit in a nice, calm and orderly manner. They are suffering on the inside just to make you happy and entertained. You should be happy they're still you're friend.
I've experienced being the bully and being the bullied. I instantly regretted being part of the bullying side, even if it's only for a short period of time. I know how bullying felt like, and that's why I wanted to make this entry. I thought I know to what it felt like being bullied by just imagining, but you really have to learn the hard way to understand what it feels like. Yes, Patricia the tall girl was bullied by a bunch of people. I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true. Bullying can affect all kinds of people. Everyone has that specific topic that is so personal, it makes you feel vulnerable. There was this one time someone told me, "wow, you're so big, the baby in your stomach must be growing! Boy or girl?" I was fat then, and this statement did not help at all. This made me cry myself to sleep for nights. I know there are a lot of people out there who are being teased with the same statement. How do you guys cope with this? That statement still hurts me until this very day. I can't imagine someone getting teased by that without getting hurt. If you know someone, please help them through it. Some people are just major asshats to use their creativity to hurt others and not use them for better things like coming up with the new iPhone design or a new material that will protect your phone from breaking as it falls or coming up with a new name for the hover board because I'm sure as heck that it's not a hover board. It has freaking two wheels, how can it be considered a hover board???
I want to conclude this with a message.
"Dear People,
please stop bullying others. It is not nice. You may not know how it feels now, but trust me, and all those people who wrote a post about bullying, that you would never want to know how it feels like. Having to deal with all their other things while dealing with your shit is overwhelming. Do consider the people you make fun of because they have feelings and rights too. We are all people, so why couldn't we get along? Bees beat us to this task. A. BUNCH. OF. INSECTS. BEAT. US. TO IT. Why can't we be like them? They're united. They never fight with each other, and they help each other to benefit. Let us be like them, so I won't have to see the world burn.

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