Sunday, September 14, 2014

What now?

                    There are some scenarios where someone asks you to do something for them, but then you didn't do it right; so instead of giving thanks for at least trying, they give you a scolding and make you do it again. It happens to me most of the time. Think of it, instead of being grateful that I gave them my time for the thing they couldn't do at the moment, they get mad and make me do it again. The question is, "what now?"
                    There is this other one where someone asks you to make something/ do something and then the moment you're done, they tell you that's not what they told you to do. Isn't that just frustrating? You would find this phrase repetitive in these cases. "But you just told me to____ earlier" and find this reply repetitive too. "No, I specifically told you to____, not ____". Wouldn't you want to flip a table right now? Wouldn't you want to rip your hair off? Don't you wish that you could have put everything on tape to show the person what he/she said? What now?
                    In what I've said earlier, I mentioned "What now?". Well, I wanted to question how you would react or what you would do at that point. Will you freak out and get mad at them yourself or do the opposite of that? Will you secretly curse them and kill them mentally in your dreams?
                    I would advise you guys not to do those things to keep your insanity in place. Don't try getting back because it's wrong. Being violent is not good at all. I would tell you to not mind it. By the words of the great Adele Dazeem, "Let it go". "Just let it go, man" (<--- say that in a Jamaican accent). Take those scenarios as a wise thought that it is just a test to see how well you would handle things and prepare you for the better. Trust me, this will happen to you someday.

So, hey guys. Howz it goin'? I haven't updated since, what, last month? I'm not exactly sure how I would tell you this but I won't be posting as often now... You guys must be so happy. There will come a point where I would rarely open this whole blog thing to the point I might not use it anymore, but you know, things get harder when you grow up, right? I might continue, but in another way. Well, I'm off pursuing my dreams and stuff. See ya around
This is MIG signing off to another great day :)


  1. Broooo I totally know that feel xD
    When that happens, I just dance with my jelly limbs, to show my dismay. Like,

    ~( ' - ' )~ "Wew. Seriously?... Well. Okay *said in a funny half-mad, half-sad Chinese accent*"

    1. Happens to me most of the time. I mentally scream out something uncomprehending, and let it slide... Not the best way to handle things but it still kept me alive :)